Sunday Scaries – April 18th 2021

Can you believe that the Sunday Scaries have already rolled back around? I’m not sure if it is the pandemic that is making time fly or the fact that I am getting older (it’s true what they say: the older you get the faster time goes) but either way the days seem like they are only a couple hours long. These days I spend my time (at home) scrolling through job postings on LinkedIn, planning my sisters baby shower (yay!!) and helping with her house Renos. If you’ve read my earlier post, you already know I am doing long distance with my boyfriend (he’s in Ireland, I’m in Canada) and it is awful being separated from my partner but thankfully all of these things are a great distraction and definitely play a part in making the weeks fly.

Anyway, this week the Sunday Scaries have brought me back to happy times in Dingle, Co. Kerry. My boyfriend (and my family back home) surprised me with a long weekend away for my birthday. We did so much fun stuff, and it’s honestly a gift / trip that means so much to me as my parents picked out where we were staying and my boyfriend planned the rest. Talk about a girl feeling the love!

Before we left to continue our travels to Tralee, we stopped in for a look at the Dingle Fairy Fort – and guess what?! This historical site had an onsite PET FARM! Talk about day made.

Where did the billygoat just do a round-house kick off of? (Hint: see jeans)

Besides the horses and pigs, the animals were left to roam freely around the Ringfort, and we were given bags of feed upon entry. It was such a lovely afternoon self-touring around the site, while also getting to feed and interact with the animals. When we first entered the site, there was one billy goat who wanted ALL of the food (see first photo). I left the place with a bruised thigh, as he was not shy to headbutt anyone or anything when he didn’t get his way! This site was only down the road from where we were staying, but Kerry is filled with these Fairy Forts. They are so interesting as they date back to roughly the year 1000. It’s crazy to think people actually once lived right where we were feeding the sheep. Madness!

We stayed at the Fairy Fort for a couple of hours until we started our journey to Tralee, and it was the best couple hours. Surprisingly, this Fairy Fort wasn’t too full of tourists so I would definitely recommend a visit once we are allowed to travel again. It is equal parts magic and history, with the fun element of the animals. It was the best way to spend the afternoon! I already can’t wait for the day I am able to go back. You best believe I am on the first flight to Ireland when this pandemic is over! Who’s with me? 🙂

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