Sunday Scaries – April 11th 2021

Hi and welcome back to the Sunday Scaries! If you’re new here, you’re probably more than familiar with the Sunday Scaries – that dreaded feeling you get when Sunday evening rolls around and you’re mentally preparing yourself for the week ahead. However! I (and encourage you as well) choose to use Sundays as the day to reflect back to the amazing life we all have lived via our camera roll, instead of feeling sad that yet another week has come and gone.

This week, my camera roll has taken me all the way back to a memory from 2018. These pictures were taken on the lovely Manitoulin Island here in Ontario, Canada and I can remember this trip like it was taken yesterday. If you’re unfamiliar with Manitoulin Island, here’s a fun fact: it is the largest freshwater island in the world. That’s right, you heard me; in the world. There are approx. 108 small lakes within the Island, so you’re never short of water to swim in or stuff to do.

At the time I had been living in a city far from the Island, and went up for a week’s break with my family. We had great weather for the majority of the time, and did tons of activities – fishing, kayaking and sailing to name a few. Besides the activities, there was happy hour every night – how could you say no to a drink on your summer hols?!

Happy hour drinks by the water
Shameless #nofilter! Treasure Island on the right.
Ahoy, matey.

Honestly, there is no place like the Island in the summer. If you know anyone who has ever been, I would bet they would agree. Whats not to like about sun, water, activities, good food, family and drinks? This visit was especially nice as I hadn’t seen my family in ages, so it was nice to visit with them in such a lovely spot. I left that trip feeling happy, sunburnt and totally fulfilled – spending time with loved ones on the Island just does the soul good. And the best part? The Sunday Scaries don’t exist when you’re on Island Time.

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