Flying – Pandemic Style

See the image below? This is a scene from Dublin airport, February 7th 2021 – in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Eerie, quiet, and hardly a person in sight. Last month, I had to move back to Canada.

I must admit, flying during the pandemic surprisingly wasn’t all that bad. Besides being super OTT about sanitising and making sure the mask wasn’t slipping below my nose, it was a relatively flawless experience. You know that slight panic feeling you get when waiting in line for security? GONE. If you’re starving or thirsty and the que for a bag of chips and water is 10 miles long and you think: right – there are approx. 2.5 minutes before I die of thirst and starvation? GONE! Because there is such a severe halt on flights, less people are travelling so it makes for a really effortless experience if you find yourself in a situation where you have to travel. Another perk: I was lucky enough to get my own row on the plane, free from people (introverts rejoice!). And there was extra meals and snacks to go around on the plane if you wanted seconds or thirds.

Tips for flying during covid:

  • Your own headphones. Might sound like a given – might not.
  • Your own bottle of water
  • Sanitizer. Sanitizer. Sanitizer!
  • Extra disposable masks – I layered a disposable mask under my reusable mask and changed the disposable one every time I took my mask off (ex. to eat)
  • Dettol disinfect wipes. Literally a lifesaver! (don’t forget to wipe down your headrest. Thanks to the kind lady sitting across from me who reminded me!)

I had to leave Ireland and come home because the Irish government were only extending my working visa by a couple months at a time due to the pandemic, which made it really hard to have “some” sort of plan for the foreseeable future. My job and my house, specifically, needed notice before I quit and moved out, so it was impossible to plan anything. My partner, my parents and myself all agreed it was time to come home. And let me say, mixed feelings is a real thing! Of course I miss my partner, his family, my friends and my job, but it is really nice to be back home with my own family, especially during this weird time.

What do I miss most about Ireland, besides the people? The food! And the scenery! When I left (and it is still implemented now), people were not allowed to leave more than 5k from their house in order to curb the corona virus. At my current house, 5K leaves me in a bush in the middle of nowhere, or a small town with not much to do. But in Ireland? You’ve got amazing trails to walk, castles to visit, and the ocean to spend time by. A chicken fillet roll by the water? I’ll be day dreaming about that for the foreseeable.

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