King’s Town Beer Company


King’s Town Beer Company is a small, locally owned craft beer brewery located in the West End of Kingston Ontario. Originally in the security business, the owners found themselves brewing craft beer in their garage until they expanded into a fully functioning business. They are proud and true Kingstonians, naming and labelling their products using inspiration from the history of Kingston. They pride themselves in creating an in-store atmosphere which is friendly and relaxed, and they ultimately want every person to enter their store feel comfortable enough as if they are having brews with their friends.

King’s Town Beer Company is looking to drive sales, expand to a new demographic, and increase in-store traffic.With that being said, they’ve come to us to create an IMC (Interactive Marketing Communications) campaign for them, outlining a creative strategy for a three month campaign. Below you will find an overview of the content portion of our proposed campaign.


Our creative strategy for the content portion of the IMC Campaign include a video, a blog, an infographic and various memes. Our video is “Beer Macaroni and Cheese,” showing students how to make Mac and cheese using King’s Town Beer Company craft beer for an unexpected (and budget friendly!) twist on the traditional meal. Our blog post is titled “10 Budget-Friendly things to do in Kingston for Students” and features budget friendly activities to do so students don’t feel like their social life is non-existent. The infographic we have made show the difference between craft beer and regular beer, as well as a visual graphic of the brewing process. Lastly, we are humorous using memes as an engagement piece for students online.


The primary target audience are students roughly aged 20 years old. Our target audience are full time students and have part time jobs, roughly earning around $15,000 annually from their part time job. These students are currently undergraduate students, and live with a few other housemates. This demographic are are single and are unattached, and are always looking for fun things to do with their friends. Although craft beer is often considered more of a ‘luxury’ item, the goal of our campaign is to shift the way students think of craft beer. Having a very little disposable income, students are always looking for social actives that won’t break the bank in which they can do with their friends. They value their social time, their friends and family, and also their health. Students are frequently looking for creative and unique ways to keep themselves in shape, and also looking for budget friendly healthy meals. They understand the importance of being active and eating healthy, although have little to no problem engaging in unhealthy activities as well.



It was extremely important to include video in our campaign, as students are visual learners. Although it has been proven people today have shorter attention spans than ever before, the video we chose to produce is constantly giving students information making it easy for them to follow, and ultimately makes them want to finish the video. We choose to make Macaroni and Cheese using King’s Town Beer Company beer; a gourmet upgrade from the simple Mac n’ Cheese recipe we all know and love. We choose a budget friendly recipe in which students will be tempted to make as it is an affordable meal, as well as a simple recipe in which is extremely easy duplicate on their own time. The video is educational, light hearted (through the use of background music) and informative. It shows the students how easy (and cheap!) it is to make this hearty and tasty meal to impress their friends with.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 1.03.49 PM
Opening credit of video: Jenna Bond (me)


Currently, King’s Town Beer Company has not been providing a large amount of online content to their customers or followers, especially content that is related to students. When constructing our blog post, we wanted to provide information to students which will educate and benefit them in a humorous and light hearted way. Ensuring the blog doesn’t have an serious or formal note, students are more likely to read this content because they feel as though they are not being preached too, but simply given information in which they can do with it what they like. Often times, the phrase “OMG I’m so broke!” can be frequently heard from students, so we thought what better to write about than 10 Budget Friendly Things to do in Kingston for students. Students don’t always have the funds to spend nights out with their friends, so we thought this was a great informational piece for students looking to still have an active and fun social life without breaking the bank.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 4.53.41 PM
Blog example: Trang Ho-Nguyen


Our infographic was created to showcase and highlight the differences between craft beer and regular beer. In many cases, students perhaps may not know what differentiates craft beer from other types of beer, so this educational piece of content was created to inform them. Also included on the infographic is a visual representation of the brewing process in which craft beer goes though in order to be produced.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 6.46.28 PM
Infographic example: Alec Peters


A meme is a short lived piece of content which (usually) have a humorous tone to it. Students love to share, comment, and tag their friends in memes as they usually pertain to their lives. Because memes are short lived on social media, we have created two for this campaign. Our memes were created using the mannerisms of some humorous characters from a television show (The Office) and a movie (Dumb and Dumber) which are both extremely popular among students. The memes we have tie in with the overall theme of our campaign, as they are funny, light hearted, and pertain to craft beer.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 7.01.13 PM
Meme examples: Alec Peters

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